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Re: Carlton Updates

Posted: 14 Sep 2021, 23:07
by dalevillain
juanillo wrote:
14 Sep 2021, 22:38
piearce9 wrote:
14 Sep 2021, 22:12

Others may have a different view but, of these three home games, I see Handsworth as the main one. So hopefully we are back to full strength and the manager gets to choose his strongest side.
I agree, for me the cup game is important, as a win leaves us 2 rounds from one of the pinnacles of a non-league team's season.

I didn't realise the player who bagged a brace for them has also been credited with our equaliser.
Not sure who it came off as the ball was pinging around the box.

Even more bizarrely the NPL website has credited McCone with the first goal but that was 1000% an own goal

Re: Carlton Updates

Posted: 15 Sep 2021, 01:26
by DJ
Northern Premier League Midlands – Tuesday, 14th September 2021

Halesowen Town 2 Carlton Town 2

Halesowen rescued a late point after Niall Davie struck twice for Carlton with both teams maintaining their unbeaten league records in a keenly contested game, writes DJ.

The hard-working, pacy Millers looked dangerous up front, yet strong at the back and made a lively start when Davie’s far post header was only cleared for Nathan Watson’s shot to be deflected away for a 4th minute corner. At the opposite end, Chris Lait’s 8th minute shot was gathered by goalkeeper Kieran Preston.

As Carlton’s neat unit continued to press high up the pitch, Ahmed Ali cleared a 14th minute corner. Carlton’s quick approach soon earned two more corners with goalkeeper Dan Platt eventually gathering the ball after Watson received a short corner and delivered the ball into the six-yard box.

Preston then made two splendid saves for Carlton within a minute. Rob Evans set up Robbie Bunn to run towards the area but Preston turned his shot away for a corner and within a minute Lait brought another great Preston save for another corner. Preston then collected Jamie Molyneux’s header after Paul McCone headed back across goal in the 29th minute before Calum Flanagan intercepted for another Carlton corner in the 31st minute.

But Halesowen made the breakthrough after 36 minutes when Preston could only push out McCONE’s header and the ball trickled into the net off defender Tyler Johal.

However, the Millers soon deservedly levelled in the 40th minute when DAVIE headed home a right-wing cross at the far post. The visitors went on to almost snatch a 43rd minute lead when Aaron Opoku challenged Ahmed Ali on the edge of the area and with no foul given, Opoku was left free on goal to curl wide.

Paul Smith made a double half-time substitution and the Yeltz made a much brighter start to the second period as Jack Holmes crossed into the area and Lait was just wide. The game remained keenly contested as both sides created chances. McKauley Manning was just wide after 52 minutes and Carlton substitute Daniel Elliott chipped high a minute later. Lively Holmes then just failed to make a good enough connection after substitute Joe Palmer did well after an hour. With both sides creating danger, Carlton won a 59th minute corner and the Yeltz forced two corners of their own a minute later before Rob Evans surged down Carlton’s right and flashed a cross along goal.

The Millers grabbed a 70th minute lead after Josh Hawker lost out and Tyler Blake crossed from the right for DAVIE to turn home his second goal of the evening from close range.

As Halesowen attempted to repair the damage, an 83rd minute shot from Holmes was tipped over the bar by Preston. But defensively strong Carlton frustrated Halesowen and it took an own goal to level the scores with Davie on the score-sheet again when Manning’s 88th minute shot was well saved but the ball ricocheted back off DAVIE into the net. In late home pressure, McCone’s shot was cleared off the line and Preston saved with his feet from Holmes in injury time as Halesowen sought a winner.

Halesowen Town: Dan Platt; Rob Evans, Brett Lloyd, Josh Hawker, Paul McCone (c), Calum Flanagan, McKauley Manning, Robbie Bunn (Toby Scott 76), Jamie Molyneux (Joe Palmer 46), Ahmed Ali (Jack Holmes 46), Chris Lait. Subs Not Used: Daniel Brookes, Joshua Mussell.

Carlton Town: Kieran Preston; Lawrence Gorman, Tyler Johal, Daniel Brown, Toby Moore, Jared Holmes, Nathan Watson, Khyle Sargent (Daniel Elliott 42), Aaron Opoku, Tyler Blake (Louis Czerwak 88), Niall Davie. Subs Not Used: James Matthews, Jacob Sturgess, Omotolani Omotola.

Referee: Jamie Conde Attendance: 610
Booked: Jared Holmes (51), Tyler Blake (82)

Re: Carlton Updates

Posted: 15 Sep 2021, 09:01
by HalesowenHarry
Valuable point in a game we could so easily have lost. They were ever so good first half, but we improved in the second and it was a surprise to see them take the lead.

We don't play again till Tue 28th Sept (Trophy replays permitting with Stamford at home to Daventry on the Saturday before). Carlton could be 4 points clear of us by the next time we play. Coleshill also have the chance to go ahead of us, Ilson could go level with us. That's why this good start means a cup run isn't (yet) getting in the way of anything. The teams chasing can't afford any slip ups even this early into the season.

Let me know who hacked my account, I've never been this positive............

Re: Carlton Updates

Posted: 15 Sep 2021, 09:45
by andy
Even this early in the season that was a massive point. Carlton looked a very good side and had we lost we may have been 7 points behind them before we kick a ball in league action again. For me it was a bit of a reality check, I didn't think any team would look better than us, but for much of the game they were. Yet after several large slices of lady luck we were bemoaning the fact we didn't pinch a victory. I guess that says a lot about this current side that we still believed right to the final whistle. It's that attitude that could carry us all the way to the title, but if we didn't know before, we do now, it won't be easy. I imagine Paul was very unhappy with the first half performance and the half time substitutions reflected that. He was out with Holmes very early, maybe leaving the players to reflect on his half time words. And Jack made a massive difference. After being quiet in recent games he put them straight on the back foot and dragged us into the game. I'm glad we've only got to play Carlton once more and hope we are still in pole position come then. One other shout out from the game. Rob Evans, magnificent.

Re: Carlton Updates

Posted: 15 Sep 2021, 11:16
by AwayDayYeltz
Reality check.

Firstly, credit to Carlton, who are clearly one of the better teams we will face this season. They were hard working, strong and well organised. You can see why they have conceded so few goals, so far this season.

It’s not often we face a side who are better than us on the day, but last night was such a case. In all honesty they probably did enough to take all three points, when looking at the 90 mins as a whole.

Yes, we were carrying injuries, and we weren’t at our strongest, but we were poor first half. The starting XI, weakened though it was, are capable of much more than they showed in the first 45 minutes. We just did not look at it, and we were very fortunate to take the lead with an own goal, and fortunate again, to not go into the half time break 2-1 down, after a defensive error, with Ali needlessly giving the ball away, that led to a one-on-one situation, that the attacker thankfully fluffed.

However, we vastly improved second half, with the introduction of Jack Holmes, who ran the Carlton defence ragged, and it was somewhat against the run of play, that Carlton took the lead, after another defensive error, this time from Flannagan.

It was positive to see the lads regroup, not give in, and fight back into the game, and deservedly equalised, via another scrappy goal. After our equaliser we could/should have gone onto to win the game in the last ten minutes.

This was very much a wake up call. It’s so easy to get carried away, of which I am very much guilty, after 9 consecutive wins, but last night shows that we aren’t going to have things our own way, and we have to work hard and earn wins, and eventually earn promotion.

Whilst I am happy with the squad, I feel as though we could do with a couple of additions; A centre forward. With White and Gregory out, our attacking options looked weak. We lacked a focal point upfront, and unusually for us, we rarely looked a threat, until the second half, with the introduction of Holmes.

I’d also like to see us recruit either a centre back, or a left back. We look vulnerable down our left hand side, and every opponent we’ve faced so far has exploited this, and it is a definite weakness of ours.

I am not convinced by Flanagan, and Lloyd is not a left back. He’s excellent on the ball, and in the attacking third of the pitch, but positionally, and defensively, he struggles.

When we have a fully fit squad I’d prefer to see Lewis Wright at right back, with Rob Evans (easily man of the match last night, by the way. He was outstanding) replacing Flannagan at centre half, and Manning replacing Lloyd at left back.

Let’s not forget Manning kept James Bowen out the side last season, with a number of brilliant performances. I am convinced with those changes we will look more solid defensively.

With the first moan of the season out the way, I’m still left very satisfied with how the first ten games have gone. Unbeaten, top of the league, and we have shown, on multiple occasions, that we have the mentality, team spirit and fight, to scrap and earn valuable points. I know I keep saying this, but I do get the impression and feeling that last season’s team would have lost that game. This team didn’t.

To end on a positive, I am again left impressed at how this group have fought back from a set back, to earn a very good result, and last night was a very good point. That is more impressive, and heartening, than beating teams 5-0.

Re: Carlton Updates

Posted: 15 Sep 2021, 12:01
by 410viawednesbury
Completely agree with away day yeltz, put Rob Evans centre half and you'll have the non league's version of Des Walker!
Plus you can all sing........"you'll never beat Rob Evans, you'll never beat Rob Evans". Paul Smith was right when Evans resigned, again, for this season when he said "he's our Rolls Royce", and in my opinion he is.

Re: Carlton Updates

Posted: 15 Sep 2021, 12:13
by drummyb
I said a couple of games ago Evans was magnificent. For me ove the last two seasons...ish, McCone and Evans is our best centre half pairing. Clearly Paul is trying other dynamics but Ali is a midfielder. Flanagan is a very good capable player but somethings missing at the back. Not a huge gap, but it doesnt seem to gel as well.

Re: Carlton Updates

Posted: 15 Sep 2021, 12:24
by AwayDayYeltz
drummyb wrote:
15 Sep 2021, 12:13
I said a couple of games ago Evans was magnificent. For me ove the last two seasons...ish, McCone and Evans is our best centre half pairing. Clearly Paul is trying other dynamics but Ali is a midfielder. Flanagan is a very good capable player but somethings missing at the back. Not a huge gap, but it doesnt seem to gel as well.
I'm guessing with Carter and Ali, last season, and now Flanagan this, Paul Smith's preference is to have a left footed centre half on the left hand side. It does give a nice balance, but it shouldn't be to the detriment of the defence.

Of course it could be a coincidence that the aforementioned players are left footed, but it does seem to be something Paul Smith is looking for in his defensive selection.

Re: Carlton Updates

Posted: 15 Sep 2021, 12:28
by AwayDayYeltz
Also, McCone and Evans were outstanding away at Halifax. Easily the best centre back pairing display I've seen at the Yeltz.

Re: Carlton Updates

Posted: 15 Sep 2021, 13:20
by andy
AwayDayYeltz wrote:
15 Sep 2021, 12:28
Also, McCone and Evans were outstanding away at Halifax. Easily the best centre back pairing display I've seen at the Yeltz.
Totally agree with the McCone, Evans pairing at centre half. But then I'd want another Evans at right back! 😆