Bradford Part 2

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Re: Bradford Part 2

Post by lutleyyeltz » 18 Dec 2019, 11:29

... or even Maidenhead!

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Re: Bradford Part 2

Post by Scribbler » 18 Dec 2019, 13:12

Well done to all at the club 👍 Owners management team players and fans... all singing off the same hym sheet🎶 Another great result and a great game to watch... what an incredible turn around from last year... the only way is up , and playing higher opposition in these cup games shows that the team and club belong in a higher league and in a few years maybe into the national league..... foundations are being built. ,!! Well done and merry Xmas to you all. Scribbler.......

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Re: Bradford Part 2

Post by AwayDayYeltz » 18 Dec 2019, 13:43

lutleyyeltz wrote:
18 Dec 2019, 11:29
... or even Maidenhead!
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Re: Bradford Part 2

Post by dalevillain » 18 Dec 2019, 17:25

What a fantastic result that was last night for us. Absolutely buzzing for the next round now! I knew we could do it though after Saturday’s performance, that’s how much I believe in this fantastic side. It’s just brilliant for the club!

Have to echo some of the comments and say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every game I’ve watched us this season. Fantastic football to watch, even the games we haven’t played as well have still been enjoyable and a damn sight better than anything seen in the previous 3/4 years. Theres a great atmosphere in the Shed and the ground as a whole just has a real buzz about the place.

Fans, players and staff are all singing from the same hymn sheet. #AllInItTogether

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