Liberal Drinking Policy?

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Liberal Drinking Policy?

Post by Westyeltz » 14 May 2022, 11:21

A mate of mine, featured in the end of season photos at Mango (Nice Derek, for those of you who remember him?), recently attended a game at Molineux in a Corporate Hostility Box but was somewhat puzzled / agrieved to find that he couldn't have a drink during the game unless he was behind the blinds in the box. Apparently, you cannot drink in view of he pitch, which I find a bit saft myself.

How far up the leagues would we have to go before this applied to us down The Grove and we were no longer able to drink on the terraces? Not that I do so these days, of course. Well, very rarely anyway. ;)

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Re: Liberal Drinking Policy?

Post by Noggin » 14 May 2022, 15:41

I think it is down to the post-Heysel legislation and I believe it applies from National League North/South level and upwards. I understand that there is an initiative ... o-the-game to permit drinking at League 2 and below, but I am unsure of the status of that now.
The most likely source of a match impacting us would be an F A Cup Proper tie, where I understand the same rules apply. However, that may be only for televised matches. The bit about televised matches might prove to be moot point because at present any such match involving the Yeltz would be highly likely to be televised due to fact that a Level 4 club reaching stage is relatively rare.

Those who attend more games than me at a higher levels may know more.

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Re: Liberal Drinking Policy?

Post by andy » 14 May 2022, 16:00

I'd have thought to watch some of the Pro teams in our area drinking would be the ONLY way to do it!
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Re: Liberal Drinking Policy?

Post by AwayDayYeltz » 19 May 2022, 15:38

People who get drunk at the football sicken me.
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Re: Liberal Drinking Policy?

Post by GreySquirrel » 19 May 2022, 23:10

Cheers for that 😂
Thanks for coming!

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