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Re: Godfrey Ingram

Post by andy » 15 May 2018, 16:13

YeltzDoc wrote:
15 May 2018, 11:10
Even though I'm usually one of the Kings of "nostalgia ain't what it used to be" on here, I really do feel nauseous at this thread's rogues gallery.

And we haven't even got onto McNaughty, Sheriff Fatman, other convicted fraudsters and Lord knows who else.

I was discussing the current situation with HH the other day and he pointed out that, from his position as a glory hunter / arriviste / Johnny-come-lately / parvenu etc, with only about 20 something years of loyalty, he's had almost 50% of his time with us in the sh1te in one way or another.

And until the contracts are signed and in the vault, we're not out of it yet.

I really don't know what attracts them - we can't sell the land and it's a business that loses £50K a year, how could it be attractive to anyone other than those with it entrenched in their soul?

And, excluding Karen and Keith, who I'm sure come into the "soul" category, if in my lifetime I hear one more treatise about the club being in safe hands because the potential owners are "businessmen", I swear I will sit naked on the Harry Rudge Stand until the men in white coats come and take me away.
The condescension that it implies, supposing that football fans, and those from working class areas especially, are all forelock tugging serfs who should be grateful to anyone who works in a tie, for their mysterious powers to understand spreadsheets, when in reality they're more often fly-by-night merchants at best, makes me want to puke blood.

Anyway, you'd think I'd feel better after that rant.

I don't.
Having a good day then mate....... ;D

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